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About Our Company

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Inception Health Tech, where innovation meets compassion. Offering award winning technology and tailored solutions for recreation, education, and senior care. Specializing in neurological disabilities, we provide advanced solutions for therapy, empowering individuals to thrive. 


Our Story

Inception HealthTech was founded in 2023 by CEO and Mother of 3 Autistic Children. Penny Cooper saw the desperate need for greater assistance to the neurodivergent community and seen the remarkable impact technology can make.  Time after time families, children and people with disabilities were being left behind because simply the services and technology were unavailable. Inception HealthTech was created so that no one person will be left behind regardless of age, disability or physical location.

Now at the forefront of new technology, Inception is dedicated to innovating new technology and making our current award winning solutions more accessible all across Australia. 

Some Our Clients

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