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Next Level HealthCare.

Discover a new level of healthcare with our award winning therapy technology. Clinically designed for therapists, recreation, senior care, and the neurodivergent community.

Innovative Technology

Interactive Projectors 
to Engage and Educate

The Obie System

Sleek, compact, and incredibly versatile, Obie is easy to install, works well in small rooms and tight spaces, and can project onto any surface on demand.


The Beam System

Big, powerful, and durable, BEAM can be trusted for optimal performance even in large spaces, high ceilings, brightly lit rooms, and unusual environments.

Our Technology In Numbers



10, 000

Units Installed Every Year



20M +

Kids Play Every Month


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks Technology in Healthcare

Our passion lies in helping people and making a positive impact in their lives. Award winning technology like our interactive projectors with therapist tailored games is the first step at revolutionising therapy. Inception HealthTech is always innovating and through our groundbreaking solutions, we aim to bridge gaps and unlock new possibilities. 



Our Awards

Inception HealthTech prides itself on exceptional technology, these technologies have received numerous awards for their advances in technology and their cutting-edge business solutions to real-world problems. These awards celebrate nearly two decades of tireless dedication to making healthy entertainment more accessible to schools, businesses, institutions, and the community.


1st Place Winner-Agetech 'Startup of the Year'

International Competition


Best Company for Innovation & Leadership / Special category / Regional


2021 Finalist

Honouring Excellence in Technology


2021 Finalist

Longevity Business Summit 

VR Therapy   

(Coming Soon)

At the fore front of this technology, Inception is working with world leaders in the VR neurodivergent industry to provide the the first virtual reality social experience that improves the social awareness of neurodiverse young adults through cinematic, realistic scenarios using live actors. Facilitators and therapists have complete control and through watching the user’s experience and responses in real-time provide a level of therapy never before accomplished.

“What a fantastic system! Obie has dramatically transformed our patient experience. Obie is definitely the best investment I’ve ever made for my practice.”

Steven Lichtenstein M.D.

Medical Director, Children's Hospital

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