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350+ high-quality interactive games and activities.

A generous mix of active, social, and educational experiences that are always memorable and fun. New games are released all the time.


Endless Possibilities

Hundreds of Games

Captivating Games for Recreation and Entertainment

Over 350 high-quality games designed for all ages, skill-levels, and abilities. Discover active, social, and educational experiences that are always memorable and fun.

Learn Through Play 

Variety of group activities to supplement the curriculum. Very young children can learn colors and shapes. Older kids can learn math, spelling, science, and even music - all in a natura and enjoyable way.

Unlimited Meaningful Experiences

Dozens of interactive games and effects that encourage movement, improve mobility, counter cognitive decline, and reconnect residents with family, friends, and the care staff.

Versatile and Inclusive

Dozens of specialty interactive games for different requirements such as:

  • To Stimulate Cognitive Activity

  • To Encourage Mobility

  • For Social Interaction

  • For Autism

  • For Dementia

  • Wheelchair-Accessible

Games Long.png

Match Up

Educational - Competitive

Hi kids! Come visit Math Park and learn all about numbers and simple equations! Pop the balloons by using your super math skills! 

Sensory Beans

Educational - Colaborative

It's the pumpkin harvest day at the farm! Help the spaceship collect the right pumpkins by selecting the ones with the matching letter. Not only is this game deliciously fun, it will also improve your language,

memory and visual perception!

Harvest day.png

Go Fishing

Cognitive - Physical - Social

Vicky is a little fox who loves to go fishing on the island. Help Vicky hook the fish that’s the correct color and shape before the sun goes down!

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