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Obie and Beam Success Stories

Our interactive entertainment solutions make an immediate and lasting impact in a variety of industries. From entertainment in shopping centres to providing next level healthcare to neorodivergent children, Inception HealthTech is here for our communities.


South Park Mall

Inception Kids Entertainment

BEAM has proved to be the perfect no-cost experience to guests as they are entering the mall, providing an unexpected, light-hearted, and non-intrusive experience. 

The product aligns perfectly with SouthPark’s Live 360° initiative of utilizing “surprise and delight” elements throughout the mall to showcase a more inviting and engaging user experience for guests.


BEAM has introduced a new element of activity and engagement that appeals to not only passing families, but to tweens and adults. The product definitely adds to the appeal of SouthPark and has been a welcome addition to the mall’s dining, retail, and entertainment options. BEAM is the perfect choice to help reinvent the retail experience for a new generation of shoppers.

Sensory Beans

Inception Education

Sensory Beans wanted a unique experience to help kids develop their play skills. Rachel Roslow, founder and president, was looking to add an interactive area to her gym. BEAM was the perfect solution.


BEAM provides an all-inclusive, social experience; irrespective of age or ability, kids with and without special needs are playing BEAM games together. The delivery and installation of the BEAM system was seamless, and, with a quick onboarding training, Rachel was able to get the BEAM up and running immediately. With its eye-catching, colorful variety of interactive games, BEAM stands out visually inside the gym, attracting the attention of the kids and drawing them towards the BEAM floor area.

Rachel is delighted that BEAM provides an all-inclusive solution, especially for families that bring children with and without special needs, because it encourages the entire family to participate. As a result, Sensory Beans have been able to attract many more families to their gym.


Complete Care Management

Inceptions Senior Care

Efraim Siegfried runs Complete Care Management, one of the top Nursing Home operating companies. Efraim first learned about Obie through a virtual product demonstration and was blown away because the interactive gaming device was everything he was looking for and more!

Obie has been instrumental in drastically changing the mood of the residents from them keeping to themselves and staying inside their rooms to helping foster an overnight interest in socializing with friends and being happier and more positive. Efraim’s staff is also extremely thankful for Obie because they are even seeing a major impact in even some of the most difficult residents. As soon as the residents start to play Obie’s engaging interactive games, their faces light up with delightment and joy.


Obie has provided every single one of the Complete Care facilities with the digital transformation they have been craving for a while now and in addition, Obie is helping residents build confidence and foster independence and inclusion. Obie is the ideal digital entertainment tool that has given Complete Care a competitive edge and also serves as a selling point to potential new residents.

Mountaineers Children’s Ministry

Inception Community

Ms. Uliase Addison is the Children’s Director at The Mount. Uliase is always looking for new activities for the Children’s Ministry, that bring freshness to the center and that make the kids happy. She was looking for a fun product that would encourage kids to engage as well as release some of their extra energy before each lesson.


As soon as BEAM was installed, the Children’s Ministry saw a 20% increase in kid’s attendance at the church. Everyone loved the product! Parents were even caught sneaking into the Children’s Ministry room to play on the BEAM games too!

Kathy would definitely recommend Obie to others. “The enjoyment is immeasurable,” she says. “It's so easy. It doesn't take any planning. You just turn it on and play. It's just a win-win.” If you're looking for a fun and interactive way to get kids excited about learning and church activities, Obie is definitely worth considering.

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